Parasect is a Bug/Grass-type Mushroom Pokémon.

It evolved form of Paras.


Parasect is an orange, insectoid Pokémon that has been completely overtaken by the parasitic mushroom on its back. It has a small head with pure white eyes and a segmented body that is mostly hidden by the mushroom. It has three pairs of legs, with the foremost pair forming large pincers. The fungus growing on its back has a large red cap with yellow spots throughout.

The insect has been drained of nutrients and is now under the control of the fully-grown tochukaso. Parasect can often be found in caves, and can also thrive in dank forests with a suitable amount of humidity for growing fungi. Swarms of this Pokémon have been known infest trees. The swarm will drain the tree of nutrients until it dies, and will then move on to a new tree.