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Pansear is a Fire-type High Temp Pokémon, It evolves into Simisear when using the Fire Stone, Pansear is one of three elemental monkeys. The other two are the Grass-type Pansage and the Water-type Panpour.


Pansear is a simian, red-and-cream Pokémon. Its head is red with a whorled tuft on top. The tuft contains a flame, and can reach temperatures of 600°F. Pansear has oval eyes, a tiny nose, and large ears with orange insides. Its muzzle, upper body and skinny forelimbs are cream-colored, and its hands seem to have no fingers, aside from a thumb. Pansear's lower body is red with small feet, and its long tail has an arrowhead-shaped tip. It lives in volcanic caves, and has been known to roast berries before eating them.

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