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Lilligant is a Grass-type Flowering Pokémon, It evolved form of Petilil.


Lilligant dons a red flower with white spotted petals upon its head; said flower has golden filaments with red anther, resembling a crown. It possesses dark green, linear leaves under the flower, and light green, linear leaves underneath the darker leaves. One of the light green leaves, on the back of its head, is about as long as its body and resembles hair. Two light green leaves loosely hang down from its head. Its head and abdomen are white and its eyes, which resemble seeds, are a light shade of red. It has dark green, linear leaves for arms, and a golden sepal under its neck. It wears a large, light green, tulip shaped collection of leaves, resembling a dress. There are two long, dark green, linear leaves coming from its back to around the bottom of its "dress". It also possesses another golden, sepal-shaped extension underneath its "dress", resembling feet.

The flower is on Lilligant's head is very difficult to coax into bloom. Once it does bloom, it will wilt if Lilligant is then neglected. The flower emits a sweet smelling aroma, and it is believed to have a relaxing effect on those exposed to the scent. It is a rare Pokémon that lives in forests. Lilligant is a female-only species of Pokémon with no male counterpart.