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Ivysaur is a Grass/Poison-type Seed Pokémon.

It evolved form of Bulbasaur and evolves into Venusaur starting at level 32.


Ivysaur is a dinosaur-like, quadruped Pokémon. It has blue-green skin with darker patches. Two pointed teeth protrude from its upper jaw, and it has narrow red to purple eyes. Each of its feet have three claws on them. The bulb on its back has bloomed into a large pink bud supported by a short brown trunk surrounded by leafy green fronds. The weight of this bud prevents Ivysaur from standing on its hind legs and forces its legs to grow sturdy. When its plant is ready to bloom, it gives off a distinct, strong sweet-smelling aroma and starts swelling. Ivysaur will also start spending more time in sunlight in preparation for its upcoming evolution. Exposure to sunlight adds to the strength of both Ivysaur and its plant. Ivysaur's natural habitat is plains. However, it is rare, as many are in captivity.