Giovanni anime

Giovanni (ジョヴァンニ, Jyovanni) was the head of Team Rocket, and serves as the secretive Gym Leader of Viridian City's Gym, known officially as the Viridian Gym. He handed out the Earth Badge to Trainers who defeated him. As a Gym Leader, he specialized in Ground-type Pokémon, but his master plan includes collecting rare Pokémon of all types. He is the only character to have the Trainer class Boss, This Pokémon as Rhydon and Golem, But not Rhyhorn. Those three mens of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus.


Despite being feared by Jessie, James, Jake and Meowth, he usually displays a very calm demeanor, even in battle. In spite of the four's countless failures he did trust them to infiltrate the Unova region alone. Although he is often seen stroking his Persian, he keeps the rest of his Pokémon in cages and stated to Mewtwo that they could never been seen as equals, as the latter was created artificially by humans. Although calm and cool, Giovanni is evil and ruthless, threatening to kill Mewtwo's clones if the legendary Pokémon didn't obey him and threatening to kill Ash and Pikachu if Meloetta didn't surrender. Immediately following the failure of Operation Tempest, Giovanni calmly ordered retreat, showing logic rather than recklessness.